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Tired of dating disappointments. You can get his attention, but you can’t keep it? You only get the tension of men you do not desire. Change that today. Become the high value, high worth and high-status woman men absolutely ADORE
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Married, in a relationship or single bring the spark back into your relationship and dating life. Have your men begging for your time and attention?
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Let Chengi teach you the four simple steps to changing your love life forever through her Soul Mate Attraction System. Go from door mat to dream girl in four life changing steps.


Even though I am an International Bestselling author and a Dating and Relationship Expert there was a time I was a complete DATING DISASTER.

Divorced after a 13yr marriage, and fresh on the dating scene it was a complete culture shock when I realised that men were not falling at my feet because I  a nice girl whose marriage material. Men were either too scared to approach me or those that were bold enough to speak to me were complete morons.

That is when I decided to take a dating hiatus, get to the bottom of it and start a YouTube channel to share my findings with other women.

What I learnt was mind blowing and combined with my Life and Performance Coaching qualifications, Theological training and personal experience what I was learning was impacting not only my love life positively but that of my subscribers too. I was learning that high value men were not looking for nice girls instead they were looking for high value women.

Looking For Love?
We are all looking for true lasting love and acceptance. Here in Chengi's World you will learn the skills and mindset that attracts this kind of love because its time.
Romance Gone?
Romance is not dead just sleeping somewhere in some man's heart waiting for you. Here in Chengi's World you will learn how to inspire romance in any man you chose. You can rely on me 100%
Ready To Commit?
Love and romance are enough for some but if you want commitment then Chengi's World is the right stop. You will learn to present as a keeper and make the man of your dreams see you as his wife.


If you are having trouble in the dating scene and finding yourself meeting men that are messing you around then Chengi can help you find your dream man.

I have many clients that are also married and wish to work on their marriage either individually or together. We go on a discover to understand each other and how we interpret, analyse and react with our loved one.

Don’t wait until its too late, cherish the loved ones you have by your side and empower your relationship.

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If you are tired of waiting on “one sweet day” or “your turn” when prince charming will come to rescue you on his white horse and are ready to do the real and hard-work with a few laughs along the way then speak to Chengi via MAGNIFi, real time audio or video calling.

Soulmate Attraction System

4 Simple Steps To Finding The Love Of Your Life

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