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Coach Sharnie

Head Coach For Women

Dating doesn’t have to be onerous, confusing or frustrating. If you are experiencing any of these issues it’s because you don’t have the right tools in your tool box when you are going out into the dating arena”.

Sharnie is Chengi’s World’s Head Coach for Women. She is based in Australia and works with women from all over the world. Not only has she received the world class Dating Coaching and Training from Chengi herself, she has over 14 years of dating experience and has made all the dating mistakes so that you don’t have to!

Sharnie understands that the secret to dating is to love yourself and to know what it is that you really deserve in love and life; Sharnie will work with you around self -love, setting standards and knowing what it is you truly deserve when it comes to relationships. She will give you practical advice on your dating dilemmas, hold your hand throughout the dating process from start to finish. She will be there all the way so that you can guarantee success with the man of your dreams.

“My approach to dating is holistic, we will work on the mind, body and spirit; to ensure that when you enter the dating arena, you are doing so as a HIGH VALUE WOMAN who is clear on what she wants from her dating life; I will have you dating high value men in no time at all”.

You have heard it from the woman herself! What are you waiting for? Book your Discovery Call with Sharnie today and be on a call that will take you from doormat to dreamgirl in no time at all!


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Head Coach For Women

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Coach Rina

Head Coach For Men

Welcome! My name is coach Rina dating and relationship head coach for men at Chengi’s world.
I help high value men become who they need to be to attract and create loving, happy and purposeful relationships with women who respect, cherish and desire them.
My story
Anyone that knows me knows that love and relationships is my passion! As I believe love and healthy relationships are the foundation to a healthy community, society and world. 
From a young age I seemed to be a natural with connecting with the boys on a heart to heart level. As I grew a little older I found myself on two sides of the coin with men- (1) the lady that the men wanted to marry or (2)the younger ‘big sister’ that men both younger and older than me will come to for support and advice through the toughest times in their lives. The issues guys came to me with ranged from settling relationship troubles or trying to win back the heart of their love, many of whom suffer depression or even felt suicidal. This immediately gave me a soft spot with the guys and helped me understand that despite the hard exterior or terrible reputation that men have as heartbreakers trying to play women, there are many lovely men who truly desire to love and be respected but unfortunately have been hurt in the process, are crap at choosing partners or can’t seem to keep a  relationship with a good girl. It was amazing to witness some of these men make slight shifts that created big changes  in their love lives. 
 I soon discovered that there were 3 types of men in the dating world
(1) The bad boys. These guys are so exciting and know the right things to do and say to stay in a woman’s mind and get her addicted! These guys are pros at the dating games, and understand what it takes to attract and get a woman hooked. Their competence however is used to play around, sleep with and hurt as many women as possible. Whilst exciting to women, these men find themselves incapable of making a true and lasting bond with a woman.
(2) The nice guys. These guys are described as nice and lovely. They truly want to find long lasting love with a gorgeous girl. Sometimes they have their life and finances together and are ready to spoil a woman rotten. However they have been hurt too many times and attract manipulative women over and over again. Even though they are great and have big hearts, they can quickly become uninteresting and boring to the type of women they want. As a result, they get friendzoned by the ones they desire and are desired by the ones they want to friendzone. On the off chance that they do eventually find love, this relationship becomes very difficult to navigate. They either have to stay in an unhappy relationship or break up to start the cycle all over again. 
(3) The competent guy (the one Chengi refers to as “naturals”. He is far from perfect but is confident and knows how to communicate with and treat a woman right. These guys usually are married or in a committed relationship. The others that are intentionally on a break focus on their growth, healing and purpose but once they are ready to get on the dating market, they already have a choice of women around them to pick from or know how to pick a great girl in no time. 
Having helped and experience a wide range of men from the nice guy to the competent man, in addition to interacting with a lot of women through group coaching sessions, I know that being handsome, attractive, nice, kind and even religious is just simply not enough to maintain attraction in a relationship.
It became my mission to teach men how to show up as High Value Men to bridge the gap between being the good guy (or the reformed bad guy) to being the competent guy that can attract and keep high quality women who respect, cherish and desire them.
I will help you MEN to win in love! 


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