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I have M.I.S

i have mis

M.I.S (Miss Independent Syndrome)

I love Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman” and I have Neyo’s “Miss Independent” on replay all day every day baby!


I have always been fiercely independent, doing for myself and going it alone has always been a source of pride for me. And when it gets tough there’s always Miss Keys song “Superwoman” and Jennifer Hudson’s “I got this” If you are an Independent women! Throw your hands up at meee!!! 
Its great to be your own woman, do your own thing and answer to no one.
Since my (self) diagnosis, it is dawning on me rather profoundly that EVERYONE needs SOMEBODY! Even me!!! I needed a womb to be conceived and grow in, a midwife to bring me through to birth and make sure I was alive and well as I came out naked from my mother’s womb. That is true for all humanity no matter who we are. That means being vulnerable and exposed as a woman in labour, risking our pride and ego for a chance to have the things we want and see them prosper. 
That means asking for help and acknowledging that we need others to succeed in love, life and business and when we put ourselves out there we must expect refusal, rejection even a temporary loss of esteem. They are all part of the process just as the labour pains that get us to our goals. I know I don’t need EVERYONE or just ANYONE but I need SOMEONE! The no’s are only an indication that that person is not my womb or midwife. 
So I am learning that vulnerability is not frailty or weakness it is in fact powerful and truly fierce. To acknowledge that we can’t make it alone and show up in good shape is wisdom. Be fierce, fearless and shameless. See you at the mountain peak! 

Mwah! xxx

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