My Story

Even though I am an International Bestselling author and a Dating and Relationship Expert there was a time I was a complete DATING DISASTER.

Divorced after a 13yr marriage, and fresh on the dating scene it was a complete culture shock when I realised that men were not falling at my feet because I  a nice girl whose marriage material. Men were either too scared to approach me or those that were bold enough to speak to me were complete morons.

I had zero vetting and verifying skills when I went on dates and I mostly wanted to cry in my soup and find an escape route on most nights. I figured if I did the numbers game one would turn out to be a winner.


The one’s that came close to being viable disappeared on me after the first or second date, leaving me confused.  I was certain that I would never be found by true and lasting love and if I did, I would not keep it, so I quit dating and decided to focus my attention on my spiritual and personal development and try to figure out what was going wrong.

Friends and family told me it was just a matter of time and if I were “Myself” or if “I stopped looking he would just magically appear”. All of this advice was annoying and untrue. I didn’t know what, but I was certain there was something I was doing that was placing me at the begging end of relationships when I had so much to offer a man.

That is when I decided to take a dating hiatus, get to the bottom of it and start a YouTube channel to share my findings with other women.

What I learnt was mind blowing and combined with my Life and Performance Coaching qualifications, Theological training and personal experience what I was learning was impacting not only my love life positively but that of my subscribers too. I was learning that high value men were not looking for nice girls instead they were looking for high value women.

When I figured out what that truly meant I begun to attract high value men who treated me like a prize, it began to impact the lives of my subscribers. Emails and messages came pouring into my inbox of newfound love, confidence and married women too began to write to me explaining how their marriages were flourishing. It wasn’t long before women from all over the world were begging me to coach them privately and so Chengi’s World was born. Not as a celebration of me but of the women that make up my world.

If my story in anyway  resonates with you and you want to be the success story, then book a call with me TODAY!